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  • 06/04/13--15:30: NFS refresh fix
  • By Anonymous - For all of you experiencing the NFS finder refresh issue, apple has listed this as one of the fixes in 10.8.4 which was released today:

    "A fix for an issue that may prevent changes to files made over NFS from displaying"

    Be interesting to see if it's finally fixed!  

    Ross Dickson
    IT Manager

    DIGITALKITCHEN | 314 W. Superior Floor 6, Chicago IL 60654 | V 312.944.3999 |

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  • 06/04/13--17:45: Tier 1-2 support
  • By Anh Quach - Looking for temp IT help in our LA office. Any referrals/recommendations greatly appreciated. Contact me directly at Thanks!

    Anh Quach
    Technical Director

    DIGITALKITCHEN | 1114 E Pike Street 3rd Floor, Seattle WA 98122 |  V 206.455.9297  C 213.880.1877 | THISISDK.COM

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    By Greg Ercolano - On 06/04/13 20:32, Greg Ercolano wrote: > Meh, didn't work for me; after the update install + reboot, > same problem persists. >>> Actually, the 10.8.4 update *DOES* seem to work..!!

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    By Jean-Francois Panisset -

    RealFlow 2013 GUI and Node now support Next Limit's floating license manager, whereas in previous versions only RFRK supported it. That's very positive, but we ran into a problem where RealFlow didn't want to start up on Windows 7, claiming that there was a local license installed that prevented it from talking to the license manager. This could have been site-specific, but in case others run into this problem, the solution is to set:

    set NLLICENSEMANAGERADDRESS=you_nl_license_server_IP

    With those two environment variables set, RF 2013 starts up fine on Windows 7 and checks out a license from the license server.

    Also, if you want to run it off a network share:

    set RF_2013_PATH=\\yourserver\path_to_rf_install

    Unfortunately no way to remotely query the license server for licensing status, so had to write HTML scraping code querying the license server web interface at http://server:2226


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    By Stephen Willey - Job Description Part of an engineering team designing, installing and maintaining a large, multinational network of Linux (CentOS), Windows and Mac workstations and servers. The job ranges all the way from helpdesk to rebuilding kernel modules and implementing international network management tools. As a member of the team primarily supporting our Vancouver office you’ll be expected to quickly solve problems, build systems to prevent them happening in the first place and implement tech that works well in response to rapidly changing requirements. Responsibilities - Although not an entry-level position, helpdesk is part of the job. - Server and workstation builds and maintaining configuration for those builds (currently Puppet). - Network installs of third party apps/plugins and assisting the development team with integrating them into the existing workflow. - Creation/maintenance of monitoring systems and maintenance scripts. - Hardware builds - Everything from basic workstations to LAN/WAN setups and clustered filesystems. Requirements - This is always here, but it is so important: excellent communication. If you can’t convey your point in a meeting, keep the rest of the team informed on your chunk of work or explain complex systems and problems to the layman, this isn't for you. - Good Linux skills. Not just installing Ubuntu at home. You should know how to rebuild an rpm. You should know what Puppet is and have used it (or something similar). ifcfg-eth0 shouldn't be a random combination of letters and numbers to you and you shouldn't need to be told where the logs are. - You should be comfortable with NAS, NFS, CIFS, DHCP, LDAP, etc. - Good cross-OS skills. As mentioned above, we use Windows, Linux and Mac. You should be comfortable on all of them (although this particular role is primarily Linux). - Work well when issues are pulling you in every direction. You should be able to prioritise, keep your cool and be able to work efficiently under pressure. - Excellent problem solving skills. A lot of the issues we face are not simple. If you can provide examples from your past where you've had to break down a large problem in order to tackle it, that will be to your advantage. - You've got to be able to lift a big server. If you're interested, please reply with your resume. No calls. -- Stephen Willey | Head of Systems and Engineering T: +44 794 472 0543 | +1 604 367 5147 E: A: 2-4 Bucknall Street, London WC2H 8LA | 1205 Melville Street, Vancouver V6E 0A6 To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Fabrice Altman -



    Hello thinking of updating soon… We’re are still on 6.5.4. and nothing’s really broken.

    I see OneFS 7.0.15 is the current recommended one on their support portal. Any trouble ?

    Or should I stick with latest 6.5.5 ?




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    By John Hickson -


    Forwarding this invite for SSA members to The Storage Plumbing and Data Engineering Conference next week...


    The Storage Plumbing and Data Engineering Conference (SPDEcon) is taking place next week (June 10–12, 2013) in Santa Clara, CA. SPDEcon offers a vendor–neutral learning experience targeted for storage and data engineering experts whose positions may involve configuring, integrating, and supporting storage and data management solutions. As a member of SSA, you are entitled to receive a $100 discount off of the regular registration price for SPDEcon. Register for SPDEcon at this link and use code SPDE13DISC021 to receive the discount.





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    By Todd Smith -

    Hey guys,

    I've started moving our apps to network installs so this would be my first foray into Maya thinclient install.  I'm currently trying to find some documentation to help me along my way in putting this into practice for Maya 2014 on Linux.

    From what I understand it should be as simple as and env var and an XML file point to the various network folders in which I put the application and associated files, but I've yet to find any definitive instruction for 2014.

    Has anyone else accomplished this?  If so would you mind posting up a few bits and bobs about it?


    Todd Smith
    Head of Information Technology

    soho vfx 
    99 Atlantic Ave. Suite 303, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3J8

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    By Brian Krusic - Hi all,

    I've started researching running plugins/scripts off a network share which concern Adobe products.

    A simple link from Applications plugin folder may or may not do the trick as I've noticed that not all CS plugins simply copy to the plugin dir of choice.

    At any rate, while i've tried running CS off a network share w/o luck, it would be nice to at least make plugin/scripts installs easier.

    Has any one done this?

    - Brian

    Chef Burger

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    By Klaus Steden - Hi there, I have a very unique lighting application that is going to require some custom fabrication (either metal or plastic). Can anyone recommend someone decent in LA who does this sort of thing? Basically, I need custom-made adjustable baffles made for an overhead light fixture, the usual suspects (Kino-Flo, etc.) won't do what we need. cheers, Klaus To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Julian Firminger - Just came across my desk:

    I've been at this a while and hadn't heard of it. ?Anyone out there had contact with it / using it?


    Julian Firminger

    Sysadmin, Workflow Architecht, Avid Editor

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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    By Sam Edney - Dear list, Has anyone used the LG 29AE93 29" monitors with Macbooks? We have them working over HDMI with full resolution (2560 x 1080) using the "SwitchResX" application, but it only works at 47Hz. Does anyone know if via a Display Port from MBP / MBP Retina we will get the full 60Hz? Thanks, Sam -- Samuel Edney Managing Director CETA Software Ltd t: +44 (0)1993-768-468 m: +44 (0)7971-321-168 e: w: This message is private and confidential. If you have received this message in error, please notify us and remove it from your system. To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Wayne Chang - To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Bill Heiden - Why do they insist on showing photos of Tom Cruise from Top Gun? The new OS is named after one of the best surfing spots in the world - Mavericks (just north of Santa Cruz). Waiting for the jalama release of OS X. /Locals only >-----Original Message----- >From: Wayne Chang [] >Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 02:58 PM >To: >Subject: [SSA-Discuss] mac os x 10.9 "mavericks" uses smb by default >> >To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to > To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Bobby Jain -


    I am looking for a list of streaming sites (video and audio) that I could look at, and block selectively. ?I am not in a position to all network traffic, and only allow what we need. ?

    It seems like new sites pop up every day, or they change domains quickly. ?Of course my users find them, and stream away, but I am behind most of the time.

    Youtube and vimeo are legitmate sites for references, so those have to stay up. ?Being able to track how much a user watches on youtube would be amazing.

    - netflix
    - hulu
    - atdhe.ue


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  • 06/11/13--13:10: Autofs, SMB, and Kerberos
  • By Jeff Vandehey -

    Hello, I'm working on some mounts for 10.8 systems. These systems are bound and authenticated to AD (no OD). The users home directory is mounted via the AD plug-in properly without issue. I need to mount about 6 SMB shares from an Isilon NAS as well. I have read the apple document on autofs below:

    This document says that Kerberos is not possible with autofs and SMB. Since this whitepaper was from 2009, I was wondering if anyone can confirm that this has changed. I am able to create the autofs maps for SMB fine, and it appears kerberos is used to mount these shares. They are presented in the finder, and I do not include a username or password in the map for these shares. So, I'm assuming that they are using Kerberos since I don't have anything in the keychain for these.

    The problem I'm having, is that when browsing the autofs mounted shares, they appear to be read-only. I can't write to the shares via the GUI. The frustrating thing is that I can write to them from the terminal. If I add the username and credential string to the autofs map, I can write to them from the finder. I would rather not go this route, since managing usernames and passwords in a flat file seems like a pain.

    So, I'm wondering if anyone is using SMB via autofs and Kerberos successfully. If so, were there any special modifications necessary? Relevant entries for my mappings are below.?

    auto_master addition:?
    /- ? ? ? ?auto_myshare ? ? ?-nobrowse

    /Volumes/share1 ? ? ?-fstype=smbfs ? ? ?://@shareurl_fqdn/share1

    Thanks for the help.


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  • 06/11/13--14:50: harmonic elimination
  • By Greg Whynott -

    harmonics in the power lines...

    We use to buy harmonic eliminators for all the DCs we built.   But recently I've been hearing from a few sources you don't need them if you balance your load over the 3 legs.

    Is this your understanding too?


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    By Jean-Francois Panisset -

    The following paper is a bit wordy, but has some interesting insights:

    Basically says that although in most cases you want threads to access memory directly connected to the CPU socket they are running on (20% faster for some apps they ran), in some applications cache bandwidth contention can flip that around, and you can get better performance by spreading threads on all sockets, thus maximizing cache bandwidth, even if that means accessing remote memory.

    Would be interesting to try to measure this effect for industry standard renderers, and see if any of them attempt to do NUMA-aware memory placement.

    I wish I had the time to do fun stuff like that...


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  • 06/12/13--11:35: Avid Media Composer API?
  • By Viet Nguyen -

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to automate the updating of clips and sequences in Avid. We're trying to mitigate human error in the process of updating sequences with new VFX versions.?

    Is it even possible to script such things in Avid?
    Or is it better/only done by generating AAF or EDL files from external scripts?
    Or am I just not understanding proper workflow for Avid?

    If it's a matter of generating AAFs or EDLs, any leads on tools for that?


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  • 06/12/13--17:15: multi-site data syncing
  • By Anonymous - For those of you with multiple sites, that are collaborating on work, how do you manage data migration and syncing between the two sites? We are looking at Avere, and syncIQ ( obviously we run isilon then). What other options are out there for keeping large datasets in sync?


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