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    By Martin Greenwood -

    Does anyone have a good tech sales contact at HP for LTO tape autoloaders?
    I'm UK based, but it doesn't really matter where they are?

    While I'm here any comments regarding HP LTO Libraries compared to other manufacturers, looking at the smaller 8 and 24 slot units.



    twitter: @YoDailies
    email newsletter:

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    By Greg Ercolano - I suppose it was only a matter of time before a "Downfall" video was made: To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Wayne Chang - which ipad one in particular? On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 12:35 PM, Brian Krusic wrote: > I never tire of these, so amazing. >> This latest one is fantastic, I still love the iPad one. >> - Brian >> "All have their worth > and each contributes to the worth of others." >>>>>>>> On May 9, 2013, at 12:27 PM, Greg Ercolano wrote: >> I suppose it was only a matter of time before a "Downfall" video was made: > >>> To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to > >>>> To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to > To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Mike Owen -

    Just wondering if anyone has any Python top tips they can share on best?practice?for deploying python to a network share for global pipeline usage?

    I'm looking at Python 2.6x32,2.7x64.3.3 for compatibility reasons with 3rd party modules. Linux plays nicely, but Windows really wants Python to be installed locally with 3rd party module binary installers having built-in registry look-ups, etc, which all go wrong when its only installed to a network drive.

    Am I fighting a loosing battle when it comes to a smart network install of python in Windows (makes for easy version/bit build swapping out & new release/patch deployments) and I just have to bite the bullet and install everything locally for Windows machines?

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    By Brian Krusic - Hi all,

    So I have a controlled scenario of the following;

    I plug in 2 or more ports from an un managed switch to a managed switch

    Few minutes later my network dies.  Seems like all 5 of my switches were brought down.

    I do have STP and additional loop protection enabled.  This loop detection is enabled via the command;


    But the problem still persists.

    This is similar to some one plugging in both data ports from there SIP phone I suppose?

    Any one have suggestions how to quell this?

    I'm surprised to not have run into this earlier but would like to bullet proof my network a bit more.

    I found this problem by getting one of those old SuperMicro blade servers and plugging in all 10 of what I thought were individual ports.

    When in fact 1 port services all 10 blades.  So in essence I plugged in 10 ports from the same VLAN to a managed switch.  Interesting stuff, kinda fun actually.

    - Brian

    "All have their worth
    and each contributes to the worth of others."

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    By Peter Devlin -

    Been using the CC for Teams packaging tool in tests lately. It's an improvement over our current (antiquated) methodlogy. However the notion of Creative Cloud Enterprise as another 'tier' does give me pause. All I really need is simple deployment (c.f. Houdini) and centralized floating licenses.


    Peter Devlin.

    AXIS Animation IT Manager : Pentagon Centre : 36 Washington Street : Glasgow G3 8AZ

    TEL +44 (0)141 572 2802 : FAX +44 (0)141 572 2809 :

    Axis Animation (Axis Productions Ltd)
    Registered in Scotland: SC306712

    Registered Office: Suite 225, Pen
    tagon Business Centre, 36 Washington Street, Glasgow G3 8AZ

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    By Jean-Francois Panisset -

    Had an Xserve with a bad RAID controller battery, so decided to replace it (machine is still useful as Wiretap Gateway for Flame). Replacement battery came with very detailed instructions (the battery is buried below a bunch of other components), and have to say that the inside of an Xserve is rather nicer than the equivalent 1U SuperMicro box (it should be for the price differential...). Followed the instructions, was about to put the cover back on when I went "wait a sec, I never plugged the new battery back into the RAID controller board, did I?". Sure enough, probably the most important step of the whole procedure was missing from the instructions...


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    By Greg Whynott -

    Thought I'd try here before i spend a few hours reading codes...

    We want to add a few racks to our existing data center to get us by while a new one is designed/built..   Doing so would "cap" off the aisles.  My concern is this may violate a fire code.   The last several data centers I was involved in building had multiple exits but we also had lots of money so this wasn't even a consideration,  it was just done.

    the attached image shows where we want to put the 2 racks,  but as you can see,  doing so would require a long trip around the racks to reach the exit. 

    do you have any links or contacts who would know this information?  I just started looking at the fire code for Ontario,  and it is long...



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  • 05/13/13--18:20: ChefConf Talks
  • By Colin Doncaster - I realize a lot of it is Chef specific, but some interesting insights non the less...

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  • 05/14/13--10:40: 10GbE NICs on Windows
  • By Ken Spickler - Has anyone done any benchmarking of 10GbE NICs on Windows using SMBv2? ?I've got a Windows 2008R2 server using an Intel X520 NIC, but the performance is nothing to write home about (~150 MB/s to an Isilon cluster running OneFS 6.5). The GigE port on that same server can do close to 100 MB/s to the cluster, so the 10 GbE isn't getting me much benefit. ?I've got Myricom NICs in a couple of Macs and easily push close to 300 MB/s via NFS to the same cluster. ?I need to stick with standard MTU for?compatibility?with other hosts on the network, and would prefer to use SMBv2 on the Windows host.

    Am I asking for too much from SMBv2, or should I expect better performance if I used the Myricom NIC in Windows?


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    By Robert Moggach - I have the following RF Mote rack and accessories for sale in the Toronto area ... this is a solid piece of steel. Email me offlist if you're interested. Rob 1X RFM-303683 RFM CAB 30X36X83 BARE FRAME BLACK 30" wide x 84"high x 36"deep 44 rack units 2X RFM-1983-MA RFM 19" MOUNTING ANGLE FOR 30"WX82"H FRAME 2X RFM-1928-DRFS RFM 19" DOUBLE-SIDED FIXED SHELF 1X RFM-1912-RFS RFM 19"X12" FLUSH-MOUNT SHELF PERFORATED 2x full height vertical dumb PDUs (twistlock) Here's the craigslist posting: To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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  • 05/14/13--18:00: Building a SAN
  • By Jason Fotter - So I'm in the process of speccing out a SAN Solution for our Scratch Workstations. We are predominately a TV VFX House so HD 24P Playback is our main concern. Although I want to make sure any system can scale to 2K and 4K if needed. We have 3 Scratch Lab Workstations and I wan to put a SAN behind them so they all can access the same storage pool with Real Time Playback. Would like to know if anyone has any info they would be willing to share about setup. What's out there and what are the big things to look for? This would pretty much be an OS X environment so X SAN is the likely candidate. The big question is what the hardware is and storage. Does anyone have any experience with PCIeSAN? It's marketed as faster than Fibre....... As I have never built a SAN before I want to make sure I'm aware of options that I have. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jason Fotter To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Scott Parker -

    Inline image 1

    Hi Everyone,

    I?d like to invite everyone in the Vancouver area or those visiting, to join us on May 22nd (Wednesday) for the Vancouver Sysadmin meeting.

    This month?s topics are ?Drowning in data; drowning in waste? and ?Cooling 101?

    Drowning in data; drowning in waste:The growth of the world's data is phenomenal and well-documented. ?Much is made of big data, of our modern digital life, and of our propensity to capture information about the world around us. ?Less is said about the waste that accompanies our packrat data storage activities, and the where that waste comes from. ?Peter Godman explores sources of waste, both mundane and exotic, in how we apply money and effort to data storage..

    Cooling 101: David will be presenting ?Cooling for IT Spaces?. ?This presentation will include discussion on the basics of cooling, precision versus comfort, provide an overview of the cooling technologies (air cooled, water cooled, chilled water, glycol cooled and free cooling) and when to apply them and will conclude the presentation with a discussion on cooling designs for both low density (4kW per rack) and high density (30kW per rack) applications. A demonstration of different equipment will be part of this presentation.


    Peter Godman, CEO, Qumulo

    Peter Godman brings 20 years of industry systems experience to Qumulo. As VP of Engineering and CEO of Corensic, Peter brought the world's first thin-hypervisor based product to market. As Director of Software Engineering at Isilon, he led development of several major releases of Isilon's award-winning OneFS distributed filesystem and was inventor of 18 patented technologies. Peter studied math and computer science at MIT.

    David Toralez

    David is an Environmental Regional Manager for Emerson Network Power and is based out of California. ?He has had over 20 years of industry experience in computer room cooling applications and designs and has been part of the Emerson Network Power team for 10 years.

    Details for the meeting:

    Location: Centre for Digital Media, 685 Great Northern Way ? The new building beside 577

    Date and time: Wed May 22, 2013, from 6 PM to 8ish PM.

    Refreshments: Yes, we?re providing pizza and beer and we?ll figure out something for the few of you who are vegans. We will be going to the Tap and Barrel in Olympic Village after the meeting.

    Very important: Parking: You will be given a parking pass when you arrive.

    A rough agenda:

    5:30PM: People can mingle in the lounge

    6:00: Welcome and quick introductions

    6:10: Presentation by Peter Godman

    7:10: Presentation by David Toralez

    8:00 After the presentation we?ll have an open group discussion. Bring your questions, and hopefully others will have answers.

    8:30 PM: Go to the Pub for a beer.

    Please let me know if you?re able to attend. Either by an email rsvp to me or an online rsvp via the Studiosysadmin website.



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  • 05/14/13--23:45: qube + 3dsmax + vray
  • By Mathew Power -

    I'm trying to get max rendering with vray working on qube. After some trial and error we managed to get it halfway working. Its not really ideal however as the worker process has to be run as a desktop user. If the worker is run as a service and doesn't have screen space then the job fails. I think its something to do with qube loosing track of the process. Running as a desktop user isn't really ideal as they keep crashing and its just a pain to manage. The other thing I've had to do was make sure everyone uses the 3ds max batch submit option. This is less smart than the default max submitter which holds the scene open on each worker so it doesn't need to be reloaded for every frame. It does seem to be completely broken though!

    Does anyone use qube from rendering max? I would be really grateful to hear from anyone who has got this working properly. 



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    By Anonymous -

    I just wanted to highlight we have a number of sysadmin jobs open at MPC, some of which are not on the SSA job board yet but details coming soon.

    I think SSA is getting the exclusive scoop that MPC is officially opening in Montreal this summer and we are going to be hiring for at least a couple of sysadmins, one of which will be the technical lead for the facility. If you, or someone you know, is interested in being part of the MPC Montreal team then please apply through our web site once the jobs are posted in the next few days or email me direct with your CV/resume and I will follow up.

    We also have a couple of vacancies in London, a junior support role and someone to take the lead in supporting and developing our render farms around the world. Details for both are on the SSA job board and I particularly encourage anyone based in London with an interest in compute farms, HPC and "on-demand computing" (I can't bring myself to use the c-word) to take a look at the render systems engineer role.


    Nick Cannon, Director Of Technology & Operations
    MPC Film
    London - Vancouver - Los Angeles - Bangalore

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  • 05/15/13--06:30: GPFS vs. SNFS
  • By Joe Frost - Moving away from the other thread as not to discourage someone from building their own SAN. I'm wondering if someone has used both GPFS / SNFS and could share their preference. I'm looking to refresh our post production storage and I'm leaning towards GPFS/Gridscaler over SNFS, but i'd love to hear some stories before I go too far down that path. Joe To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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  • 05/15/13--09:05: MESS Meetups for May.
  • By John Hickson -

    Passing this info along for those able to attend...




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    By Curtis Linstead -

    Hi All!!
    Has been a couple years since I last posted here.
    I am current;y working on a project and wondering if anyone can offer any tips on which way I should head.

    One of the studios I support is quite small, 3 workstations, 2 render nodes, a San for data and a San for the image bank.(Attached image current.png)
    We use deadline for our render management.
    We render primarily Nuke & Softimage jobs.

    Currently the render nodes read from and writes to our data san

    Now here is the fun part,?
    We will be adding 6 new render nodes into the equation, however due to the size of this studio we can only place them in 1 location(Where the current ?nodes reside) which has access to only 2 x 1Gb Ethernet connections. We do not have the ability to install additional cabling so we need to work with this location.

    I want to setup in this location the 6 nodes, a new san, and a switch which will be trunked ?to our primary switch.(Attached Image proposed.png)

    What we want to happen is jobs get submitted to the farm, and instead of?rendering?out to the data san we want them to output to the new "Render San"
    This way limiting the bandwidth going through the limited connection to the main switch.

    When the render finishes a script will run which will then sync the data in one shot from the "render san" to the data san.(This can be added VIA a python script to deadline so this part I am not worried about)

    The main question, is what is the best method in your opinion to reroute the render output from the data san to the render san?

    Are we?talking?about forcing the artists just choose a different output path then where the project primarily resides?

    Any other solution?suggestions?on this form of setup? has anyone else been in a?similar?situation?

    The render san will be smaller size wise then the data san so syncing the data between the 2 is not possible.

    I had someone suggest attempting to use GlusterFS in this situation but I am not entirely sure in which way I would implement GlusterFS to do what i need to do.

    Thanks for any feedback!

    Curtis Linstead
    C: 514.570.4345

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  • 05/15/13--13:55: SuperMicro Visio stencils?
  • By Jean-Francois Panisset -

    Does anyone have a recent stash of Visio stencils for SuperMicro gear? Apparently those can be found on but I don't have a login for that.


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  • 05/15/13--14:30: OT: office phone system
  • By Terry Barnum - So we've got a really old skool Toshiba phone system that we inherited. It's got 10 incoming lines, 24 extensions and does voicemail and hold music but that's about it. What I'd really like is a system that can do voicemail to text/email, call forwarding and a more configurable automated attendant for call routing. I know there's Asterisk and Freeswitch but frankly I don't have time to roll something by hand. Can anyone recommend a system that's relatively easy to install and setup for ~20 users/stations? What are you using? Thanks, -Terry Terry Barnum digital OutPost 800/464-6434 To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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