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    By Greg Whynott -

    If so do you happen to have SSD drives in them?

    If so are you using an 'adapter' to allow the 2.5 SSD to go into teh 3.5 slot?

    and finally if so,  could you get me the part number of this bracket/adapter piece,  and perhaps take a picture of it and the 'handle' that locks them into place inside the chassis?

    thanks very much as usual,

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  • 08/07/13--14:45: PCI based RAM expansion
  • By Brian Krusic - Hi all,

    Back in the day, like early 90s, I used to be tech support for a product called RAMpAT.

    It was a clever product that went in a ISA (8 or 16 bit) or EISA bus slot and allowed one to put more RAM in the system then the motherboard was capable of.

    Obviously the product died as CPU/mem bus got much faster then expansion bus speeds.

    However with fast PCI slots now, was wondering of any one has heard or has experience with such a product.

    - Brian

    ~ Chef Burger ~

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    By Julian Firminger -

    Anyone using one of these?
    For a small shop it certainly seems like a good idea.? Pretty easy to sell to management types too, it's prettier than pretty puppy.

    Julian Firminger

    Sysadmin, Post Production Workflow Architect, Avid Video Editor, Colorist

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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  • 08/09/13--05:25: shot in the dark
  • By Peter Smith - Hi Any Isilon hardware techs on the list? I've got a 1920i node that won't post. Story so far: :: I've swapped the RAID card for one that supports 3TB disks. :: It posted _once_, and I confirmed that 3TB disks are supported. :: It will now not post, and looking at the internals, all the "FAN FAULT" LEDs are lit up red. :: Fans are all good. :: I've reset the CMOS, replaced the battery, reseated almost everything. :: I've swapped the original RAID card back in and cabled up the original disks. :: When powered on, pressing the test button on the PCI RAM card gives no result. The node is no longer used as part of an Isilon cluster - we're using it as a test system. Any pointers appreciated. -- Pete Smith DevOp/System Administrator Realise Studio 12/13 Poland Street, London W1F 8QB T. +44 (0)20 7165 9644 To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Ben De Luca -

    Date:?Thursday 29th August
    Time: 6:30pm till 9pm
    Place: ?Sohonet Roof Top Terrace
    W1D 3DG

    Ben?Roeder, Sohonet?s CTO will be presenting a brief talk on Openstack Swift and Sohonet's implementation, how it works and what it is optimised for.

    Kent Ritchie, Senior Systems Engineer at Avere Systems will explain how to remove content production bottlenecks by accelerating access to the most demanding VFX and animation applications using their Edge/Core architecture for NAS Optimisation.

    Have a few beers and some great BBQ food in a great setting.

    Please register for this event for catering purposes?

    All those who register will be entered into a prize draw to win an iPad and some great Avere T-Shirts! You must be present to win!

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    By Brian Krusic - Hi,

    Any one by chance have a few of these drives they can part with?

    Cheetah NS ST3400755FC

    - Brian

    ~ Chef Burger ~

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  • 08/09/13--09:15: Brocade?
  • By Saham Ali -

    Hey guys,
    I was just asked to plan 2014's budget, and on the network side, our corporate entity has standardized Brocade....
    I have been a HP guy since the dawn, have found them to be great and super reliable. plus replacement overnight is huge.

    I've seen more Internal emails back and forth with Brocade switches going down from PSU's failing to the entire port backplane going out.

    I don't see the point of Brocade switches, especially if I haven't had a need of any "feature" that wasn't on the Procurves.?
    There expensive as shit and I hate there company mantra.. makes me ill ..?
    Im sure they make good kit, but is there any overwhelming reason why they would be a good choice moving forward?

    Also not even sure how many shops use it for our M&E needs, I imagine the majority of you guys are on Force10(Dell) of Extreme Networks or the like.?

    Just fishing for some thoughts, any and every would be great to hear.


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    By Rob LaRose -

    Good afternoon!

    I may need to turn my conference room into a surround-sound theatre to host a special event.  Can anyone recommend a good company in NYC that would evaluate the space, design a temporary (1-2 day) setup, rent me the gear & set up?


    rob larose | engineer | rock paper scissors | 212-255-6446 |

    **NOTE OUR NEW STREET ADDRESS: 245 Fifth Ave, 23rd Fl, New York, NY 10016.
    Our billing and remittance stays the same

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  • 08/14/13--11:00: LUT boxen
  • By Dan Young -

    Hello chaps,

    I'm struggling with this, and hoping someone has a really cool idea or option for me.

    I do calibrations, and profiling. By those terms, I mean a calibration is a white balance, and profiling with CineSpace to create a LUT for a domestic panel from a broadcast panel.?

    Often, we use the blackmagic HDLink pro boxes, because, well, they're cheap and serviceable. They have their problems, naturally, but the biggest of those problems is actually broadcast delay. They add 2-5frames of delay, which is simply (for some/most) unacceptable.?

    "You can bump the audio to match the plasma/domestic!" - so the fuck what? Then your broadcast panel is out. The point is, if you're cutting something like a music video, broadcast delay can be a monster-sized pain in the dick.

    So, here's my question - is there an SDI to HDMI converter box, that is capable of applying a LUT to a signal REAL TIME?

    If this exists, and it's reasonably priced, I will love you forever.?

    Dan Young
    CineSys-Oceana New York

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  • 08/14/13--11:25: Projector in Vancouver?
  • By Viet Nguyen -

    I'm looking for a full service projector vendor in Vancouver. We're looking to build out a screening room, so we'd want someone who can provide consultation and installation. Anyone have a suggestion?


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    By Terry Dale - You can use an audio delay to delay the audio and get it in sync with the image. TC Electronics use to have one that you could dial in by the number of frames you wanted to delay. Works great. -Terry Terry Dale, V.P. Infrastructure and Training p: 416.682.5258 | c: 416.993.8485 | f: 416.682.5209 Arc Productions Ltd. | 230 Richmond Street East | Toronto, ON M5A 1P4 -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 2:43 PM To: Subject: StudioSysAdmins-Discuss Digest, Vol 47, Issue 20 Send StudioSysAdmins-Discuss mailing list submissions to To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to You can reach the person managing the list at When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific than "Re: Contents of StudioSysAdmins-Discuss digest..." To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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  • 08/15/13--10:35: 3-channel memory in Z800
  • By Rob LaRose -

    Good afternoon, smart people!

    I'm replacing the 6 x 2GB in my Z800 Flame with 4 x 8GB.

    The big question:  Does losing 3-channel mode hurt me enough to care?


    rob larose | engineer | rock paper scissors | 212-255-6446 |

    **NOTE OUR NEW STREET ADDRESS: 245 Fifth Ave, 23rd Fl, New York, NY 10016.
    Our billing and remittance stays the same

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  • 08/15/13--12:15: Cintiq rental in LA?
  • By Shawn Wallbridge -

    Anyone know of a place?


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  • 08/15/13--19:35: Another Finder nfs problem
  • By George Fitz - Has anyone run across a problem where the Finder is not displaying files for some nfs mounted directories while browsing through directories on the server? It is intermittent- basically the user can browse fine through the server folders and then eventually get to one where the Finder just hangs. This isn't the refresh bug that was talked about so much, but is a problem where the Finder window won't show ANY files in a certain directory, almost as if the server has hung or there is a permissions issue. But of course the server hasn't hung, file browsing using terminal is speedy and no other users are affected. Others can browse to the same folder fine. I've seen this on 10.7.5 & 10.8.4, on two different systems. The only fix is to unmount / remount the nfs share. NFS and OS X- good times.... To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Jeremy Lang -

    Came down to GOOGLE DNS ( and

    Certain web sites, usually shopping related, such as and would time out or take forever to only partially draw.?

    But name resolution was fine.? And I checked with friends who could access the sites fine, we'd get the same name resolution results for the top level, and I could even ping

    But couldn't go to it on the web, on any browser, on any computer, inside or outside our firewall, standing next to our wifi router on my cell phone, anywhere.? Walked outside and turned off wifi, came right up.?

    Updated firmwares, renewed address, rebooted stuff, cleared caches.? Finally blew away the config on an Airport (which I was really convinced was the root of the problem) and the damn sites started working fine.? Once I realized the only difference was that it was now using Apple's DNS, I tried it elsewhere.? Worked.? And sure enough, long ago I'd had some issue and set our network's DNS to use google's DNS as forwarders.? Had them do their own work and bam, everything fine.?

    So significant portions of a bunch of pages (but not the top level!) were not being resolved by Google's public DNS servers.? But 95% of the internet seemed to work just fine.?

    WTF?? Anybody experience anything similar, or ever hear of the like??

    Jeremy M. Lang

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  • 08/16/13--14:20: PXE issues.
  • By Saham Ali -

    Hey guys,
    Quick question, hoping some one has seen this before.
    Ive got a bunch of Render nodes (Supermicro based) and for some reason they refuse to PXE boot.

    The one big thing Ive notices is that when it shows the Intel boot agent during boot, it shows a bunch of zeros for where the GUID should be. ?
    The MAC address is populated and all that, but the GUID is just a bunch of zeros.
    Do I got a problem here?

    ? ? ? ?? ,\|//,
    ? ? ? ? ( o - )
    Saham Ali
    Founder/Systems Engineer
    DvNT Technologies
    407.729.3584 - Direct

    ? .ooO
    ? (? ? )? ?? Ooo.
    --\? ( ------(? ? )-------------------
    ? ? \_)? ? ?? )? /
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (_/

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    By Greg Whynott -

    its been like 8 years or more since i was involved in any level of an effort to roll over an ART department to linux.   (Art,  not anim comp and the others..)

    back then the big issues was a consistent environment,  stylus lag and features (angle, pressure) while working with PhotoShop.

    I find myself involved in these conversations again and my first response was "it won't work without a lot of resources and effort,  if at all."

    beyond the technical challenges of rolling an Art department over,  there are some human ones too,  but they are of less concern at this time. 

    my question:  is anyone using photoshop in a linux environment with wacom tables and everything/everyone is happy?  

    have a great weekend,

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    By Jean-Francois Panisset -

    The current Chrome Mac build (28.0.1500.95) enables an experimental asynchronous DNS client. Unfortunately that ignores VPN-specific DNS servers, so Chrome won't resolve your internal servers. I had been hearing sporadic complaints from Mac VPN users, turns out it was just Chrome on Mac VPN users.

    Fortunately that stuff is easy to turn off:

    (remember to hit the "Relaunch Chrome" button to have the change take effect).


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  • 08/19/13--01:10: ZFS OS recommendations.
  • By Julian Firminger -

    Morning listerinos,

    We're looking at rolling out some storage for disk based backup and a crazy thought has permeated tech management. ?Let's go down the ZFS front so we can get our heads around it for down the track when we really need it. ?OK, I'll bite... ?

    Ma question: ?OS recommendations / experiences? ?
    I'm starting from nowhere here so I have no bias in any direction. ?Some reading material is touting OpenSolaris, some others seem intent on elevating CentOS to a deity, more still droll on about RHEL. ?

    Of the ZFSers out there, what are you using? ?Caveats? ?Bad/good experiences??

    Julian Firminger

    Sysadmin, Post Production Workflow Architect, Avid Video Editor, Colorist

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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    By Fabrice Altman -



    Using an ‘old’ Pany VT20 with RV 3 for reviews (simple 1080 HD QTs, no stereo). PC is an i7 with GTX650 HDMI out to the TV.

    At 25fps 50Hz, I notice slow pans are randomly juddering, like if video sync is not working properly.

    Tried a few settings with RV (turning video/audio hardware sync on/off) without much result.

    Bizarre thing is that sometimes it randomly plays smooth, but most of the time not.

    Any ideas?





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