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    By Dan Young - We did an SSA event in London with Martin before LTFS even existed. You should probably go see their stuff if you can, it's awesome. DY Sent from my iPhone On Jul 31, 2013, at 11:23, devlist wrote: > I'm staying in LA for a few weeks so if anyone is interested in using LTO+LTFS for media archive then please get in touch. > Our product YoYottaID runs on OSX, but the idea is that the archive is open and cross platform. >> We also develop YoDailies for media workflow, so if you would like to know more about all the new codecs for cameras like the Sony F5/F55 I can help out. > Let me know and I can visit you or if you come over to Venice where I'm staying I'll buy you a beer! >> Cheers, >> Martin Greenwood >> CTO > YoYotta >> > web: > twitter: @YoDailies > email newsletter: >>>> To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Aled Jones -

    Anyone have any good contacts for professional calibration of Panasonic Plasma HDTV's?

    Aled R Jones systems administrator
    imaginary forces | 530 west 25th street | new york | p 646.486.6868 |

    This e-mail is intended only for the named person or entity to which it is addressed and contains valuable business information that is proprietary, privileged, confidential and/or otherwise protected from disclosure. If you received this e-mail in error, any review, use, dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited. Please notify us immediately of the error via e-mail to <ifpostmaster> and please delete the e-mail from your system, retaining no copies in any media. We appreciate your cooperation.


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    By Greg Whynott -

    Anyone using sflow on a S4810 or a product within that line?

    I did what i thought was a proper configuration referencing the guide,  but i'm not seeing any data arrive at my collector. 


    Dell Force10 Application Software Version:
    System Type: S4810
    Control Processor: Freescale QorIQ P2020 with 2147483648 bytes of memory.

    sflow collector agent-addr 9996
    sflow enable
    sflow extended-switch enable
    sflow polling-interval 30
    sflow sample-rate 512

    #  1.60 is the collector,  8.44 is the switch itself. 

    sflow enable


    storageswitch-#show sflow
    sFlow services are enabled
    Global default sampling rate: 512
    Global default counter polling interval: 30
    Global extended information enabled: switch
    1 collectors configured
    Collector IP addr:, Agent IP addr:, UDP port: 9996
    0 UDP packets exported
    1156316 UDP packets dropped
    6262571 sFlow samples collected

    Stack-Unit 0 Port set 0
      Te 0/0: configured rate 4096, actual rate 8192
      Te 0/1: configured rate 4096, actual rate 8192
      Te 0/2: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/3: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/4: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/5: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/6: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/7: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/16: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/17: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/18: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/19: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/44: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/45: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/46: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
      Te 0/47: configured rate 512, actual rate 1024
    storageswitch-#show sflow interface tengigabitethernet 0/0
    Te 0/0
    Configured sampling rate         :4096
    Actual sampling rate             :8192
    Counter polling interval         :30
    Samples rcvd from h/w            :311296

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    By Rory Falloon -


    I was not present at Siggraph but I understand again during the Renderfarm BoF the topic of how studios handle the different network and storage requirements of different departments - comp/lighting/assets/animation/FX - came up. To others on SSA - how are you handling this?

    It always is the case (for us at least) that FX rendering generates the most regular sustained throughput to our filer and largest data sets, so we're considering throwing in some storage specifically for the department - separate from our main isilon cluster. The aim would be to move the sustained throughput and data from our large filer, allowing a more balanced network for the other departments, whilst allowing FX to thrash out as much data as their own storage allows. A benefit of this is (hopefully) with only a set amount of storage for FX, the department would manage this data more themselves, but that might be a bit of a pipe dream.

    I assume there are others out there having to segment their storage/network like this. How are you doing it? What kind of storage and network do you have behind a department like FX, if any?

    Rory Falloon
    Snr. Systems Administrator
    Mr. X Inc.
    T:  (416) 595-6222, x 290

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  • 08/02/13--07:50: wireless VOIP phones
  • By Peter Smith - Hi all We're looking at replacing our Snom M9s, and looking for something slightly more robust. Grandstream are out as I'd had issues with them before/ Anyone got any recommendations? -- Pete Smith DevOp/System Administrator Realise Studio 12/13 Poland Street, London W1F 8QB T. +44 (0)20 7165 9644 To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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  • 08/03/13--16:10: OT - GoDaddy lameness
  • By Brian Krusic - So I've chosen to host a website off a VPS on GoDaddy.

    All seemed well for the past years or so and its actually still well.

    However my account control panel has notified me of a free OS upgrade, oh cool, lets do it, FREEEEEEEE!

    So I press the reprovision option as tats how I get the free upgrade and hit the error being something like;

    Simple Control Panel not supported.  Disable it to proceed.

    There is no real that I can see to do this, so I call.

    They are pretty quick to answer, only on hold for 5ish min.

    Get this, its not possible to disable the Simple Control Panel which I don't use to manage my server anyways.  Its a VPS after all so I do it via the normal system tools found on any OS.

    Instead you must up it to some other panel, cPanel I think.

    This runs an extra $5/month.

    Why woud I pay $60/year to get a free OS upgrade which is free anyways?

    I'm running and will continue to run CentOS 5.8x32 on it, not a big deal as its a simple web server.

    I call this vampire economics; a buck here, a buck there, dayam, were is all my money goin.
    - Brian

    ~ Chef Burger ~

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  • 08/04/13--01:55: LeapMotion
  • By Andreas Martin Aanerud - Just got my Leap motion controller, Autodesk have a plugin for Maya, But do anyone know if there is a plugin for Smoke ? I?ve got to try the "minority report" look ^^ Best Andreas -- _____________________________ Andreas Martin Aanerud, ing. Cell: + 47 90978137 email: To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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  • 08/05/13--08:00: GPU's Anyone?
  • By Saker Klippsten -

    The Media Village (@post_vfx)
    Setting up an 8-GPU DaVinci Resolve system for a client, at The Media Village.

    Download the official Twitter app here

    Sent from my iPhone

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    By Benjamin Deboute - Hi all ! Some of you who have Xerox copiers and an administrative department that archives paper via OCR might be interested in knowing that a misconfiguration of their compression algorithm might have corrupted their data : ( The other can laugh at how stupidly logical/logically stupid the bug is : ) TL;DR: OCRr'd numbers might be switched with other on some page layouts... Quote: "Several mails I got suggest that the xerox machines use JBIG2 for compression. This algorithm creates a dictionary of image patches it finds “similar”. Those patches then get reused instead of the original image data, as long as the error generated by them is not “too high”. Makes sense. " Quite a nice bug

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    By Mike Owen -

    Primarily about 3dsMax, but rumours of ADSK killing off Softimage very soon...

    2nd thread by ex-ADSK developer telling how another developer didn't know what Winrar is! Gold.

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  • 08/05/13--22:40: Scissor lift rental in LA?
  • By Klaus Steden - Hi there, Can anyone recommend a good place to rent a scissor lift (hydraulic or otherwise) in LA (west side, if possible), capable of supporting ~250 lbs on short notice? cheers, Klaus To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Drew Rosen - Hi Race Fans. Anyone feel great about an NLE product out there? Several clients have been stalling on FCP7, waiting for Apple to address the issues with FCPX, to no avail. Any Premiere fans out there want to comment on the latest set of releases? Anyone successfully using FCP7 with osx 10.8? Fun stuff? -- ---- ------ Drew Rosen CompuNirvana 424-234-8875 gvoice To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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  • 08/06/13--06:25: August MESS Meetup @ FMS
  • By John Hickson -

    Forwarding the information to this event :)


    -------- Original Message --------

    Subject: August MESS Meetup @ FMS
    Date: 2013-08-01 13:41
    From: Denise Cardello <>
    To: John Hickson <>


    John, the MESS meetup will be held at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS)  in Santa Clara on Tuesday, August 13th from 7-9pm.  FMS highlights flash memory and enterprise SSDs, and will feature a number of sessions, workshops, and discussions on solid state storage.  Because MESS is getting a lot of exposure, I am finding that the various conference chairpersons are reaching out to MESS offering free passes.  I thought I would reach out to your group.  If any of the SSA members are interested in attending the meetup, I, in turn, can obtain a free pass for each person that is good for the full 3-day conference.  The pass does not include the pre-conference seminars on Monday.  These may be purchased separately.  
    Let me know your thoughts.  This is a great opportunity for those interested in Storage Networking.
    Denise Cardello
    MESS Moderator

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  • 08/06/13--09:15: OT: Caller ID Rant
  • By Ken Spickler - Just received a voice mail, where the Caller ID showed the name of a prominent manufacturer we do business with. Upon listening to the voice mail it turned out to be a VAR making a cold call, reading completely from a script, extolling the virtues of why I should buy my stuff from them. ?My first thought was "why is this manufacturer letting a VAR use their phones for cold calls?" ?The VAR's follow-up email showed the same phone number in the signature. ?They're Caller ID trolls, and I'm not likely to do business with anyone that practices these tactics.


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    By John Reinhard -

    Unfortunately for me I was unable to attend the renderfarming BoF at Siggraph, but let me throw this out to this list.   We have the opportunity to expand our small render farm 16 node render farm by about 24 nodes,  but we are not tied into the old system per se, so really this is the opportunity to start from scratch.   We currently have two typical work flows, one is to create in Maya>render in RendermanProServer(Tractor to manage jobs)>composite in Nuke, the other is to create in Houdini>render with Mantra(HQueue to manage jobs)>composite with Nuke.  We hope over the next couple of years to be doing even more with simulations, incorporate Mari into more of our projects, and to start exploring doing shorts in 4K.  I know this is a fairly broad general description of our workflow and where we are going, but considering the above descriptions of our workflow, if you could start from scratch on a small renderfarm (including a new storage configuration) what would you buy or recommend? I just finished re-reading the recent thread on Storage and Renderfarm requirements.  Also are there any other pitfalls that you have run into that you could help me avoid?  Has anyone tried  FusionIO IOfx cards in their farm nodes?   How about Telsa cards in the nodes for processing/rendering fluid/PyroFx sims?  So much of this is new to us and  I would hate to overlook something important, obvious or obscure; since we will probably not be able to upgrade again for another 5 years or so.


    Thank you.


    John Reinhard

    Computer Support Rep.

    School of Technology, BYU



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  • 08/06/13--11:00: JOB: Jr Systems Admin
  • By Suzanne Van Dam - the Whitehouse is a commercial post house located in Santa Monica, CA.   We are looking for a Jr. Systems Admin. 

    If you are highly motivated, have a great attention to detail, and have an affinity to learn please shoot me an email
    with your resume attached.


    suzanne van dam 
    director of technology | the whitehouse
    p: 310.319.9908 |

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  • 08/06/13--13:55: Avid consultant - LA Area
  • By Anh Quach - Hi all, 

    DK would like to hire an Avid workflow consultant who would be able to help train our editorial staff for a migration from FCP. Primary production is episodic TV. We are currently FCP 7 + Xsan, looking to get into Avid + Isis or 3rd party solution w/ emulation. Please contact me directly at


    Anh Quach
    Technical Director

    DIGITALKITCHEN | 1114 E Pike Street 3rd Floor, Seattle WA 98122 |  V 206.455.9297  C 213.880.1877 | THISISDK.COM

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    By Andrew Siegel - We're looking to upgrade our Isilon cluster from version 6 to version 7. Does anyone have any suggestions, advice, warnings, or encouragement? -- Andrew Siegel Senior Infrastructure Engineer Blue Sky Studios, Inc. 1 American Ln Greenwich, CT 06831 203-992-6336 direct 203-992-6000 main 203-992-6007 fax To unsubscribe from the list send a blank e-mail to

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    By Saker Klippsten -

    Anyone see this? looks pretty awesome! ?1TB in the size of a postage stamp. 30ns latency.

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